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My company uses mirrored sheet metal parts extensively, LH and RH parts. For drawings I would like to use only one print for such parts. With a note stating that parts are mirrored but use the same blank. Is this acceptable. Procurement has not seen things done this way and is asking for me to supply a drawing for each part. I thought this would be bad practice. Let me know what you think.


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We do the same and I would say that this is not acceptable. With SW2008 and SW2009 you can add bends to the Formed Mirrored Part to get bend lines for the mirrored part. This makes it much better for giving dimensioned flats as well as telling paper side and grain direction if applicable.

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fyi, adding bends to a mirrored part is not limited to '08-'09.

you can add bends to any thin-extrude in any version of sw as long as the part is of uniform thickness.

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