Drawing Dims in a mirrored part

Hello All,

A quick question please! When I create a drawing of a mirrored part must I draw all the dims myself?

TIA, Muggs

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I can't think of any way to have all the dimensions from the original part carry over to the mirrored part drawing view because you can't (that I know of) change the underlying part in a drawing view. However, a couple thoughts.

If the part could actually be another configuration of the original, then you could copy the view with dimensions and then change the config to the other one. A lot of the dimensions would then update correctly.

Or, the question must be asked - do you really NEED to fully dimension the mirror part? If you dimension out the original part, just put a note by the mirror part view (or between them) that says something like "All formed dimensions the same." Or "LH & RH mirrors - all dim's the same, but opposite direction." Or maybe "Flat pattern the same for both parts. LH bend up, RH bend down."


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Wayne Tiffany

Yes. Don't you just hate that? In my work I can cheat and add a note that says "DET XX IS MIRROR IMAGE OF DET YY" and leave it at that.

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Dale Dunn

I have been able to get most of them to come through but not using a mirrored part per-say. I just did this yesterday. Save a copy of the part and flip everything to be mirrored and then replace the part in a copy of the origional drawing. Of course this is only a solution for some parts. Obviously simpler parts.


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Corey Scheich

Thanks Guys!

Wayne, Corey - That's what I did, just made a note on the mirrored part saying "All dimensions are mirrored from Right_Side_Blah-Blah-Blah.

Dale - Seems like a simple thing, maybe an enhancement request?!?

BTW, Wayne, those macros are the best, although I seem to always be looking at the opposite corner that I think I should be looking at! I guess it will take some time.

Thanks again, Muggs

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