how to create "Model & Qlts or Surf/Quilt cross-section" ?

hi all,
i want to include surfaces in a cross-sectional view and the help says
this :
To Include Surface Geometry in Cross-Sectional Views
Include surfaces in drawing cross sections by setting the
show_quilts_in_total_xsecs detail setup file option to yes.
Surface geometry (surfaces and surface quilts) will only be cut by the
cross-section cutting plane in a drawing view when the cross-section is
created as a Model & Qlts or Surf/Quilt cross-section in part or
assembly mode. If the cross-section is created as a Model (default), the
surface geometry will not be cut by the cutting plane.
See Also
About Cross-Sectional Views
That's all good and well, but how in the hell do I create a "Model &
Qlts or Surf/Quilt cross-section" ?
kind regards,
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Tools > Model Sectioning and follow the menus?
I'm using WF so this may be different for you; Cross section creation is covered in Help under Fundementals, Working with the Model, Relations and Parameters, Working with Model Properties, Cross Sections. (Search will be faster)
You might also (unwrap and) look at:
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Jeff Howard
: : That's all good and well, but how in the hell do I create a "Model & : Qlts or Surf/Quilt cross-section" ? :
This must be the 3rd question I've answered on cross sections this week. You guys all know each other? taking the same course together? just coincidence?
Anyway, this business of 'Model & Quilts' or 'Surf/Quilt' does show up. But you need to be in the model, you need to have some datums set to use for creating sections and you need get to where you create sections. So, seconding Jeff Howard, since we're in Wildfire (and you haven't said what version you're using), go to 'Tools>Model sectioning'. Hit enter to accept the default section name. This gets you to the screen with a menu titled 'Xsec options'. Here you will see 'Model & Quilts' and 'Surf/Quilt' as options to select. I've always just picked the default which is model and never even noticed the other options for creating sections from quilts. The trick, I believe, is getting to this point, to this very menu. I bet you can take it from here.
David Janes
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David Janes
ooh yeah !,
thanks david and jeff
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