V-Belt -- K cross section?

I'm looking to replace the V-belt on my drill.

It is labelled "K-32.5". I'm familiar with the L series of belts but not K. My local hardware emporium (McLendons) doesn't have any K profile belts so I've been looking at the Rexxon and Gates web sites and not really finding what I think I'm looking for..

The *approximate* dimensions of the belt are (shield yer eyes - ASCII art follows):

== 0.30" ==

---------- ======== \ / \ / 0.25" \ / ---- ========

| | | | 0.15"

And, while it's labelled as 32.5" it measures an even 30". Stretched over the years I guess. Anyway, can anyone provide any guidance on this vital issue?

Thank you for your time.

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Doug Smith
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How are you measuring it? The way to measure the absolute outer circumpath is to make a chalk mark on it, lay it down on the floor, draw another mark at your mark, then roll it along the floor without slipping until the mark is back down, then mark the floor again and then measure between the marks. Or just roll it along a steel tape. But that isn't your real length, it's actually a tad longer than your real length, because the real (labeled) length is the "pitch circumference" (my terminology) which is a bit shorter. You can kill yourself about length or you can just order one and give them the absolute outer measurement and then it's their fault if it doesn't fit. Anyway, that's some stretch, going from 32.5 all the way longer to 30" :-)

As to the belt itself, maybe it's a metric 8mm belt. That would be 0.315" wide and about .198" tall. I'm looking at

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-- that's a pretty good place to order belts.

You might have a go at measuring the angle on the pulleys. If they are really nonstandard then you might be in a little trouble. What kind of drill is this?

Grant Erw> I'm looking to replace the V-belt on my drill.

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Grant Erwin

Outer circumference or, in McMaster terminology, Outer Circle.

Heh.. Yeah, I typo'ed that one. It measures 33".

Ah! Yes -- maybe it is metric although it would then be odd that the circumference is specified in inches. The 8mm belt is 0.315 wide which is pretty close but only 0.20 high where I measure .25. And, only 31.5" in circumference.

OTOH, a standard 3L330 would be a bit fat at .375 but about the right height at .219. But, it might be too stiff to wind around the smallest pulley which is 1-3/4".

It's a little 12" Delta, about 10 years old. Of course, the belt is probably available from Delta but I was hoping to find a quality belt.. I guess I can just order two of 'em and stash one in the wine cellar. ;-)

Anyway, thanks for the help. I owe ya a Dove Bar.

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Doug Smith

Have you tried crossing the Delta part number? For example, I don't know the model number of yours so I went with a current 12" model DP300. On their Web site you can search for a parts listing and it gives you this:

formatting link
which gives me part number 1343782. A Google search gave me the following:

formatting link
They sell that belt for $8.09 which seems pretty reasonable to me although shipping won't help much so I'd buy an extra and any other parts you wish you had at the same time. :-)

If you click on that part number it gives you a parts listing for a different model number which I believe is just an older version of the same drill press and may be the same as yours. It's 11-990.

In fact I kept looking around their site and they have parts listings for models that are not available on the Delta site. The listing for drill presses is at:

formatting link
but it looks like that's the only 12" they show.

I've never purchased anything from that company so I can't recommend them. I'm just pointing them out. Perhaps someone else has ordered from them and can comment?

Best Regards, Keith Marshall snipped-for-privacy@progressivelogic.com

"Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - Will Rogers (1879-1935).

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