V Belt Pulley supplier

I just purchased an Astra Milling machine that needs some work on the motor
I want to use a couple of 4 or 5 step V Belt machine pulleys and wondered if
anyone could suggest a supplier for these.
I am also after a couple of pillow block bearings, although I see there are
a few suppliers of these on Ebay.
Can anyone also advice on the range of speeds I should be aiming for?
It is a Horizontal and vertical milling machine. The motor is a 1500rpm 1
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1500rpm 1
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) bought a large stock of Picador pulleys and bearing blocks so worth a phone call.
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Andrew Mawson
Don't know where you live, Dave, but Orbic in Croydon have always been helpful 020 8683 1711 snipped-for-privacy@orbic.co.uk
Jim Lugsden
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James Lugsden

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