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The other day I received a letter from my cousin telling me of his experiences
replacing a drivebelt on a rooftop air conditioner on his church. The old belt
was marked A-40 so to be on the safe side he bought a A-40-1/2. It was way too
tight so he got an A-41. Still too tight so he had to move the motor.
I remember having similar belt problems years ago but I'm wondering why belt
manufacturers havn't been able to standardize their length measuring system?
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Probably it stretched. A *lot*. Although that begs the question of how it got there in the first place, unless the motor was adjusted as it wore.
I should know, our drill press needs a new belt, I now have the motor in the fully extended position all the time.
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Tim Williams
I change belts almost every day in my job. Belt lengths are standardized. If the old belt was an A-40 the new one should be an A-40. The old belt probably was stretched. Greg
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Greg O
Chuckle..I just completed a Hardinge HC/OmniTurn retrofit..and did a direct drive conversion as well by pulling the varidrive, installing double sheave pulleys etc etc.
I ordered a matching pair of B-88 belts from Graingers..and one was at least 1" longer than the other. Checking their stock..they tended to run from 3/8 to 1.5" out of spec.
I ordered a matching pair of Browing belts (which is what I should have done in the first place but was in a hurry) from my usual source and they WILL be matching.
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Hey Engineman,
Went through something similar for the lawn tractor just the other day. The local Husqevarna (SP??) dealer carries Dayco brand belts. An AP92 is 94 inches long and a AP67 is 69 inches. Just add two inches to what the "number" is. I asked why, and he says it is because Dayco measures a belt by the inside or contact circumference, while some other manufacturers use the outside circumference.
So, a quick go-round with my calculator says that if the belt "thickness' (depth) is 3/8", then a belt with ID circumference of 92 inches will have diameter of 29.29". Add 3/8" thick for the belt to get OD diameter of 30.04" and an OD circumference of 94.35.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson

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