Hey Harold- How about an update?

Did you ever get your money back?
Did you ever find a lawyer willing to take your case?
How much has this cost you so far?
Inquiring minds want to know!
"If you don't have enemies, you don't have character"-Paul Newman
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Carl Byrns
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And how is his new shop coming along? Ever put the roof on?
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jim rozen
The shop was finished long ago. It's the house that we're building. First things first, you know! :-) We have made minor progress with the project, but we're still in our rainy season, so we can't remove the tarps that cover the structure. Could be another couple weeks or so before we can. It often rains here until mid July, then two months of dry, sunny weather or more. Our objective will be to finish the exterior walls and get the roof on before rain begins again. We'll be able to work through winter that way. It's time we got the project finished and got on with our lives.
No money back, and it's likely to stay that way as I see it, at least until such time that we see them in court. What we hope for is to eventually get a judgment, then file a lien against their personal property. That will haunt them until they die, or until it's paid. I understand it even effects one's financial statements. Should we die first, we'll simply assign the lien to our heirs. It won't go away, not for them.
Myers and his wife didn't list the vase the way they did as an oversight, they knew exactly what they were doing, and how they would do it. Their obvious intention was to deceive, secure in the knowledge that damaged art glass is worth very little as compared to glass in fine condition. Now that they have our money in their pockets, they're not about to let go of it, even if it means a ruined reputation, which makes no sense to people like us that have integrity. Their chosen actions speak volumes about their character, or lack thereof.
The evidence at hand suggests they carefully avoided disclosing the repair. They have ready answers for everything, including the shallow reason why they failed to disclose it, which they have conveniently renamed an inclusion. No, that does not forgive the non-disclosure, not with honest people, but Michael J. Myers and his wife, Mary Dowd, are not honest people. In this case, they are dishonest people involved in criminal activity, namely, fraud. We'll see how the USPS sees it. That's our next move.
I have yet to pursue an attorney, I'm still doing as much as I can to expose them to the public at large for the crooked deal they handed Susan. They may, otherwise, be honest business people, but my money says they are not. Why would they have singled out one person?
How much has it cost us? (Carl). Is that really any of your business? If so, tell me how much you make daily, and how much you piss away on smokes and coffee.
Try to be content to know that it took eBay less than a week to award Susan the maximum amount for being the victim of fraud. Ebay thinks so, as does the attorney general of Washington State. Problem is, unless there are multiple victims, they do nothing. Welcome to the good old USA, where anyone can grow up to be a crook and be rewarded with the spoils without paying a price. Our system is badly broken in favor of crooks.
The eBay settlement has offset our expenses thus far, so we're still out the full amount she paid.
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Harold & Susan Vordos
Thanks for the update, Harold. Hang in there, Man! Sometimes, "justice costs" (wish I knew the Latin expression for that one ! ), but ultimate satisfaction usually outweighs the costs. I have initiated several court cases involving crooks. I can tell you the satisfaction one gets, even when working within the very sluggish "system", is worth the cost. Keep after the "Myers/Dowds" with all the vengeance you can afford! Please keep us posted as the drama unveils.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney
On Sun, 6 Jun 2004 02:08:24 -0700, "Harold & Susan Vordos" shouted from the rooftop:
Better hurry- the clock's ticking. In New York (and probably most states) you have so many days to file. Wait too long and the presumption is you broke it and are trying to rip off the seller.
Prove it.
Let me play Devil's Advocate here: they can just say that some guy in Washington State got a piece of glass that was damaged in transit, they offered to refund his money less shipping and he refused. It's public record. Now who doesn't make sense? +
Careful, Harold. Without proof, you're commiting slander.
You posted- made it public record- how you've been cheated and how you were going to wreak vengence upon them that has done you wrong. Fine, but if you're serious, it's going to cost you and the longer you wait, the less likely it is that anyone will listen to you. Do you have any idea what kind of backlog the Post Office has? We'll all be dead by the time your case sees the light of day and in the meantime the alleged bad guys will keep on being bad guys.
One cup a day.
Get off the soap box and get out the checkbook. As an attorney once told me: Justice and the law are two completely seperate things.
-Carl "If you don't have enemies, you don't have character"-Paul Newman
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Carl Byrns
And you got your law degree where? You seem to know so much more than the attorney I've talked to.
That I posted my case didn't give you license to give my personal life an inspection.
I rest my case. Get a life, Carl, and please make it not mine.
I'm judging from your cute remarks, now, and in the past, you have lots of character.
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Harold & Susan Vordos
Thanks for your words of encouragement, Bob. I realize it's a long shot, but I can't just sit by and do nothing. I may fail, but they'll know I was there. I'll report anything of substance.
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Harold & Susan Vordos
Make this your mantra Harold:
We've been told to "forgive and forget," But I think that advice is all wet. 'Cause he did unto me, Like a dog to a tree. And I'm going to get back at him yet!
Jeff (Don't get mad, get even...)
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Jeff Wisnia

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