NASA and oshkosh

is anyone planning to go to the Oshkosh airventure show? NASA usualy
has 2 buildings crammed with displays, reports, demos, stickers, toys
and such.
It makes me wonder what will be there this year. in one shed the moon
and the other mars?
Ten bucks says they will have sponge foam balls in the likenesses of
either the moon or mars. (last year they had earths)
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Tater Schuld
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Airventure is a place that almost all of us on this list would love to go to. I'm surprised that there are not more of us going.
I didn't have alot of time last year so I just went for a long weekend. I had heard that Burt Rutan was going to bring his spaceship there last year, but he didn't. Still if you go, always check out his seminars.
Oh, and take the free composite construction course. You get to do a variety of layups, most of which are about the size of the sort of things we would do in rocketry.
And get your kids into the Kid Venture program. They usually have a rocket and a control line aircraft building session. Burt Rutan sometimes tries to teach kids to fly control line. Sometimes Chuck Yeager takes the kids for a spin around the airfield in a Ford Trimotor.
And there's usually a handful of astronauts around, although most of them (especially the Apollo astronauts) don't enjoy being noticed. But if you do recognize them, just go up and say "Hi Buzz" or whatever.
There's getting to me more and more space and rocketry related seminars there. The folks from XCOR have shown for the last few years to give their seminar. Two years ago they had brought the rocket powered homebuilt airplane to Osh.
There's always something interesting to see and do and Oshkosh.
Shawn Switenky
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Shawn Switenky
"Shawn Switenky" wrote in message
I'd like to know who does, maybe we can all camp together.
I asked long before and he said he was going to be too busy to bring it. I can see why. I tried to get to all three of his seminars, but Airventure wears you out!
was thinking about it, but decided to go to a different seminar (I think the mars glider one). they really need to do more repeats of the courses and seminars
2 years ago I asked for a SIG catalog and they tossed me a bag with a couple of kits plus catalog. Stayed away from the rocket building for fear of having my head explode. Didn't see the CL building, but did see the CL flight area, too bad it was raining at the time
I RODE in it! second passenger seat on the left. the gear suspension jerking on takeoff is real interesting to watch. very classy ride. worth the $40 per person
Saw Gene Cernan give a talk about his experiences on the moon. was worth it
Too much! you will definetly regret only going for a weekend and if you go for the whole week you regret not being cloned so you could be in two places at once.
then there is the airshow itself. while I admit that the gracefull areobatics are not my cup of tea, the harrier, the warbirds, the simulated bomb drops more than make up for it.
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tater schuld
Way cool! Just riding in a plane piloted by Chuck Yeager would be worth that! The guy is one of the few living legends truly worthy of that description.
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well, I'd hate to burst yer bubble.......
was able to see him give talks twice last year. lot of rambling reminiscing and poking fun at fellow pilots.
He's just a man.
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tater schuld

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