my oshkosh airshow itinerary - and you thought it was just airplanes

OK, looks like I'll be at Oshkosh from 7-24 to 2-31.
info can be found at
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here is a list of seminars that I hope I will be able to attend. I try to
get my $20 worth out of every day. they also said something about some
bombers and an aerobatics show, but i was to busy looking at the
space-oriented seminars.
X-Plane Flight Tests
21st Century Aeronautics At NASA Dryden
Photographer For Voyager, Spaceship One and Global Flyer
Space Exploration System Propellants
Carbon Fibers - Its A Jungle Out There
Research On Adaptive Laminar Wings For Low Drag
High-Performance Composites Vs. Aluminum
Preparation For Launch! Typical Flight Prep for SpaceShip One
Designing / Building the Monst! er Garage Flying Car
Flying Spaceship One
Space For The Rest Of Us
Why Angle Of Attack - Why Not?
Paper Airplanes
Improving "The Egg"
Shuttle Foam Trajectory Tests With F15B
Auto Conversion Books And CONTACT! Magazine
First Flight of Your Homebuilt Aircraft
Windshear, Spacing, Low Noise Research From NASA's 757
Reading The Sectional Chart
Space Ship One Pilot
Crises In Space
Wind Turbines, Rhomboid Wing Fighter, IC Engine With Circular Block
Math, Science, And Engineering Of Airplane Design
Composite Vacuum Resin Infusion
Glacier Girl
Future Of Space
The Ideal Aircraft: Awarding NASA's PAV Prize
Picking A Homebuilt Design - How Do They Fly, How Do They Build
Training for SpaceShipOne
ATC - The Real Thing
SpaceShip One Flight Display And Simulator Development
X Prize Cup And The Personal Spaceflight Revolution
Introduction To Aerodynamics II
SR-71 Blackbird Forum
Fly! ing Spaceship One
Junkyard Wars And Homebuilt Aviation
Composites 101
Journey To Mars: A 3D Exploration
Rocket Propulsion: Safe, Routine, Reliable,
Maintainable, Nontoxic
Space Exploration System Propellants
One Possible Road To Low-Cost Space
Flying With The NASA Family: Shuttle, Station & Beyond
Suborbital Rocketship Development
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tater schuld
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Hey, Tater, bring us back some good pix of SS1! Man, am I annoyed that I just don't have the coin right now to spare (my union and others have been Bushwhacked real good)!!
tater schuld wrote:
my $20 worth out of every day. they also said something about some bombers and an aerobatics show, but i was to busy looking at the space-oriented seminars.
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Zathras of the Great Machine
I plan on it, at least two rolls of film.
pricewise. visiting the airshow is costing me about $20 plus camping plus food. then factor in that I will not be making any income during that week.
Start saving for next year. even without SS1 it is worth going to.
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tater schuld
oh! this shows what happens when you have insomnia and remember things like RMR
Zath, I got some GREAT pics of SS1. one of these days when i am motivated, i'll take them out of the album and get them scanned in.
took over 500 photos while at oshkosh. somewhere between 50-100 are of SS1
also got pics of the hybrid demo that NASA did
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Tater Schuld

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