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Gentlemen , a couple of friends and I are planning to attend the Oshkosh EAA Fly-in and show 23 to 29 July 2007. We have found that hotels are at a premium so we are booking rooms and flights now. Do any of you have any tips or must see things that we should take in. I've been wanting to go for the last thirty plus years and still can't believe that I've made the commitment .

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks , Pete

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Pete T
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There are a number of houses that get rented out for the Oshkosh show. Try getting in touch with the chamber of commerce for more info. If you are going with a group the house rental works out well.

I went once, some people go every year. For me, once was enough.


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If you find you like EAA Oshkosh and plan to attend the following year, reserve your room before you leave (assuming you got one close by).

When I first went, I slept in my car in a campground (no planning), the next time in Milwaukee, and finally made sure to reserve a room in Appleton before leaving the area. Generally most motels allow this years guest to have dibs on booking for the next year.

Wes S

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When I went I slept in a small tent pitched under the wing of the plane we flew up in.

It will take several days just to see everything at the show. There are also a ton of demonstrations and classes on various aspects of home building that are very worthwhile. Next time I go up I'm budgeting for a ride in Aluminum Overcast (the EAA's B-17).


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We go every year but have a pickup with slide in camper and tow our experimental helicopter. Because of our magazine tasks we usually do 10-13 shows each year and the camper/pickup combination has proven very nice.

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Stuart & Kathryn Fields

you'll regret not going sooner :)

dont get a hotel unless you are unable to camp. camp scholler is one of the best campgrounds i've been to, and eliminates all parking and transportation issues. foot traffic ok, but if you can fit a bike in your gear, do so.

been going since 2000, missed last year as i bought my first house and had to move. really hated missing the B1.

must sees? depends on how long you can stay. if the whole week, spend at least one day at the workshops. do your best to be at theater in the woods every night and if you want really good pics without mobs of crowds, skip breakfast and walk in before "official" opening I got great pics of space ship one that way

I could go on and on and on about all sorts of stuff. just go. grab a tent and a bike and clothes for the week and money for food. bring 2x the money you think you'd need. no makes that 4x the money, as you'll see some of the neatest things in the fly mart, from a metalworkers point of view.

ok, i'll stop talking now. if you decide to camp, send me an email, as I am most likeley going next year and can help point you to more hints

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Thanks Tater, John, Wes, Stuart and Steve, great info. Unfortunately my travelling companions are insisting on hotels so the reservations have been made. Myself I'm an under the wing kind of guy, but since I no longer have aircraft and I have commited to go it will be a proper bed and pillow under my head. ( these old bones will probably think it is best that way anyways, after all its been a few years ... decades.... since I was 25 !) . One of my travel mates is building a helicopter and I have a set of Coot plans I bought from Molt Taylor back in 1975 to build in my spare time, now that I have actually retired I need to make some spare time and make it happen. We will be onsite for four days and staying at the Days Inn Neenah just south of Appleton, 11.9 miles to Wittman airfield so we should spend too much time commuting.


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Pete T

Somebody was on about EAA stuff, and their web site had a viscosity chart. When I tried to find where the chart had come from, I see it is part of a nice treatise on bearings and lube etc.

Take care.

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

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Brian Lawson

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