Toledo -- Red S. sighting

I managed to find Red at the FMA booth yesterday
and had a good time talking with him about his
favorite LiPo charger/balancer.
It was a great weekend getaway. I haven't been
to the show since 2002. Some of the vendors
were saying that the crowds and sales are down.
My guess is that the folks who were selling
electric and spread spectrum stuff did well.
It's quite a show!
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
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Martin and all who reads this,
As much as I wanted to go, I didn't go to the Toledo show because of the price of gasoline, plus parking, plus an entrance fee, plus junk food away from home. I can find as much on the Internet, in the magazines or at our local hobby shop. Maybe next year, if I'm still alive.
Sorry 'Red'! I also wanted to see and meet you myself.
Earl of Troy
Mart> I managed to find Red at the FMA booth yesterday
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Earl Scherzinger
On Sun, 15 Apr 2007 22:05:12 GMT, Earl Scherzinger wrote in :
I've always gone with other people.
I think of it as a short vacation--a changeup from ordinary life.
All three trips have been fun, for different reasons.
I get a big kick out of seeing the big names in the hobby: Dave Brown (in a wheelchair this year; don't know why); Red Scholefield; Dub Jett; Randy and Anching Linsalato; Qui Que Somenizi; Jason Schulman; sundry NSRCA friends; Joe Beshar; Harry Higley. Those are the ones that spring to mind immediately, but there are dozens and dozens of folks there who make things tick in the hobby.
The Zirolis. Wendel Hostetler. The folks from Precision Cut Kits. Thousands of RC hobbyists of all ages. Amazing models on display.
The Electric Tournament of Champions (ETOC):
formatting link
We didn't attend ETOC ourselves. Just heard about it from some who did and from the Flying Giants gang who were planning to do a webcast of it.
A whole crew from RC Universe came into the bar just after we had ordered lunch. I don't hang out there myself, but folks who do would probably have recognized some names and faces.
It's not to everyone's taste. It's a carnival, trade fair, festival, party, flea market ...
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

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