Opening Drawing in Read Only Mode

Does anyone know of a way to Open a Drawing file in Read Only mode via the
command line (ie: via Script or Lisp routine). I know you can do so via the
Open File Dialogue box... but I can't find if there is any way to do so on the
command line. I'm currently using LT2002.
Bruce F
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Mr. B
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I'm not aware of any switch or variable within AutoCad that lets you specify this so the only thing I can think of is to define beforehand who can and can't have writable access to specified folders. Sorry, not much help. :-(
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I could tell you how to open dwg read-only in Visual Basic. The first thing I would try is messing around with the system variables. Change FILEDIA to 0 and then mess around with the script to include a read-only in the file name somehow. This one is interesting so I'll get back to you if I found something out, or if you do first let me know.
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