I want to Auto load Lisp when Opening a drawing? acad2000do.lsp?

Is there a way to make a unique list to automatically load depending
with template drawing I open? Right now I have a certain lisp that
auto loads in my acad.dwt (English)file. I make it auto load in the
acad2000doc.lsp file. But when I open my acadmetric.dwt file, I would
like it to automatically load a different lisp file. How do I do
that? Right now I load it manually, but I often forget, which cause me
some problems. Thanks
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First off, you shouldn't be editing "acad2000doc.lsp". Service packs and upgrades will overwrite your edits. See following document:
formatting link
Back to the original problem. Why not edit your startup lisp to do either your english stuff or your metric stuff depending on the template drawing used? (Read the MEASUREMENT sysvar to figure out which one) -- then you just load the same lisp at startup.
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Isn't it bizzarre how they still call it 'English'? English CAD monkeys never use feet and inches nowadays. I guess it's to differentiate the 'English' inch (2.54mm) from the US Survey inch (25.40005mm).
It's the same with muffins.
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What do you mean NOWDAYS
The UK went metric in 1974
England uses mm, cm and metres (not meters) as most USA produced software states. Meters measure things like a Gas or Electric Meter
The term Imperial Measurement would be better than English.
But there again the guys in the USA speak & write American / English i.e. color (not colour) etc.
An Englishman.........
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Oh, I was writing as a compatriot!
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