drawing templates ?

I am considering making a drawing template and have a few questions.

Will the format in the template update if the original format changes?

There is a BOM table in the format that has many parameters in it.

How do I get these parameters into the template drawing?

See link

Ptc knowledge base list doc

formatting link
How To Create a Drawing Template That Automatically Assigns Drawing Parameters (Attributes) the Same Value as Model Parameters.

Is this the correct method to use to get model parameters into a template drawing?

Do you think it is worth while to make drawing templates?

All the Best MC

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On your question: "Do you think it is worth while to make drawing templates?", I asked this question to my 50+ users and attached a sample drawing made from the template. Only 2 out of the 5 responses said yes and they were both managers who haven't used in ages. None of the current active users liked the idea of drawing templates.

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Ben Loosli

Let's make it 4 out of 6 (I lead a Product Engineering Group).... The only useful purpose I've ever seen for drawing templates is during ProE sales demonstrations when they whip out a template; pull in a prepared model; & then (like magic) there's a finished drawing. Managers love it. Templates would be great (...and our jobs would be boring) if everything we designed were the same overall size; required the same view projections, dimensions, notes & etc. Now standard drawing formats; start parts; start assemblies & symbols are quite a different story. Your time would be far better spent in those areas.

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Thanks Ben,

After looking over the pros and cons of drawing templates and taking into account your advice. I have decided to keep it simple. 95 % of my drawings start with a standard company D sheet. So what I have done is make that format a template drawing file. Than made my config.pro drawing_template point to this new drawing template. What this saves me is retrieving the format each time I make a drawing. All I do is leave the use template box checked at the bottom of create drawing window and it pulls my new drawing template.

Three clicks or less Mike

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