ProE to U3D?

Universal 3D (U3D) is the format that Adobe Acrobat 7 requires to embed 3D
models in PDF files. Does anyone know of an available software application
(hopefully shareware) that can convert ProE models to U3D format (.u3d)?
I've done quite a bit of web surfing on the subject and so far it appears
that only RightHemisphere's "DeepExploration" (with approx. $1.4K worth of
add-on modules) will do the job.
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nice... another 3D approach - where did VRML and the likes go? PDF embedded 3D - that requires a holographic flatscreen, doesn´t it...
Have you tried NuGraf resp. PolyTrans from
formatting link
If U3D is not entirely Adobe specific there is good chance they are already working on it.
Don´t forget to post about it if you find out!
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Walther Mathieu
Walther Mathieu" wrote
I share both of your sentiments. I've been anxiously awaiting the install of Acrobat 7 on my machine so I could explore the 3D documentation capabilities. I finally got it installed; attempted to open a 3D file; and then find that the only selectable format is; "u3d." After more web surfing (...& cursing) I've also found the following info:
Development of the "Universal 3D" format & standard is an effort of an "industry forum" led by Intel. I was able to find the most information on U3D at their web site
formatting link
. Their goal is for U3D to become "the JPEG of 3D file formats." It's supposed to be a non-proprietary format
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