troubles with excel BOM in SW2004


I have an excel BOM in an exploded drawing of an assembly. 17 parts. Each time I send the drawing to my printer it adds multiple copies of the parts to the BOM. On screen right in front of my eyes. If I uncheck the update BOM feature it doesn't happen, but, if I use one of the sample BOM templates this doesn't happen. Also I made my template out of the same sample template after a little tweaking.

What little check box have I missed? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Don Olson

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Don O.
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Hello Don,

You can't change the first 2 or 3 column headers in the spreadsheet. ITEM NO., QTY. and I believe PART NO. have to be the first 3 columns. You can hide them but not delete them.


D> Gentlemen:

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Mike B

There was this note at the bottom of the page for Excel-based BOM's.

NOTE: Do not change the cell names in the Name Box for the default columns in the BOM template. You can change the text in the column heading, but not the cell name.


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Richard Charney

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