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I am running SW2005, and need some help on an animation.

I have an assembly for a 60 ft tower that can tilt down. The problem is that the base where the hinge is located is a sub assembly. When I have the sub assembly open by itself I can move the parts that I need to, but when I try to move it in the complete assembly I can't. It keeps telling me that the part is fully defined. I need to be able to move the part so that I can make an animation of the tower being tilted down. Has anybody tried something similar, or have an idea of how to fix the problem?

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I haven't tried animation, but you can get it to move by making it flexible. Open Properties for the sub and look in the Solve as box.

I also haven't played with flexible subs much in 2005. In 2004, they had an issue with patterned parts not staying with the moving parts, so watch for that.


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Wayne Tiffany

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