Drawing templates , sheet formats

I have a new template , which i want to apply to previous drawings, so I made a sheet format from template and saved it out to the same sheet filename as the previous drawing set.

Yet some of the formats have not carried over, anyone help please?

Thanks Mo.

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I did this but the formats are not carrying over, can anyone help.

I have a new standard Sheet Template and new Sheet Format when I apply the new sheet format to old drawings the formats do not carry over, such as fonts , balloons, etc?

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fonts, ballons etc. do not carry.

the ablilty to reload a complete template (.prtdot, .asmdot, .drwdot) has been on my wish list for years.

there is an excel file out there that can do it.

formatting link
drawing options (excel maco))

it hasn't been updated for sw 2009 though.

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