Drawing Sheet Sections

SWX2004 SP1 I have a problem with generating sections on drawing.

When I select a view to section, I get a mssage box saying "There are currently no drawing views from which a section could be made". It seems that I can see it but can't touch it obviously.

If I draw a line and take a section through the view, the new view is dangling and shows an end view only (not sectioned).

The only thing with this model that may be different, is that it is a square tube, cut, flattened out and refolded as a sheetmetal part. This is done to allow a Laser cutting DXF file to be generated direct from the flat pattern, with cuting done at 90° to the surface.

Can anyone help. Regards Tony O'Hara

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Tony O'Hara
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Hey Tony :-)

I have found that sometimes the option for 'Dynamic View Activation' gets turned off when upgrading or installing a new patch (I like mine off by default anyway).

Check if this has happened in Tools|Options|Drawings.

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D. Short

RMB click on the outline box of a view and select "Activate View", then sketch a line for section.


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