Replacing Drawing Sheet on Multiple Sheet Drawing Package

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I have run into a productivity challenge. I have approx. 30 drawing sets with each set containing between 7 to 10 sheets. Our customer has now given us a requirement of specified test sizes, justification and a new custom property that they want displayed in the title block. Rather than open each sheet individually and make these changes I created a new .slddrt template which incorporates these requirements.

What I'm finding is I can't seem to insert this new sheet format across all the sheets in the drawing package at once. Does anyone know of a way to do this? If not does anyone know of a macro which would shuffle through all the sheets in a drawing package and replace the sheet format while deleting the existing notes? Would a macro like this be hard to create with the recorder. I have almost no macro creation experience. Any other ideas would be welcome.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Doing this task one sheet at a time will be very labor intensive and take more time than I have to complete the project.


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Jeff Zim
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I just made a macro for my company that replaces sheet formats. There's an issue I discovered with SolidWorks that actually makes this more difficult than it should be. If you old sheet and your new sheet are in different directories and they have the same name, SolidWorks won't replace the old with the new, but will pretend it does.

Anywho, as long as you don't have this problem, the method to use is SetupSheet4. Look it up in the API help and follow the example provided. It won't copy settings over, but if you have SW Pro, you can use Design Checker to help find the settings that need updating from file to file.

Matt Lorono

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