Re: Drawing number/name generator??

Having said all the above... I pose my question
> again.... does anyone have a utility or app that will
> generate such numbers? It would "remember" all the
> numbers previously generated....and make sure the new
> one is unique.... no matter WHO used the app.
There was a similar post, not too long ago in this group. It think the
original poster found a solution and posted it. It's not exactly what
you're looking for, but is similar.
I'd be willing to take a stab at something like that for you, though if
you want it free, it would be on my timetable. It wouldn't be terribly
difficult to program for you.
A couple of things to think about:
What do you want to store, number only, number and desription, etc.?
Do you want to store a PLT file for each, as well?
Do you have Access, Excel or similar file (goes to potential usability)?
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Something like this?
(defun C:NUMGEN (/ fname numfile num nextnum) (if (setq fname (findfile "dwgnum.dat")) (progn (setq numfile (open fname "r")) (while (setq num (read-line numfile)) (setq nextnum num) );;while (if nextnum (setq nextnum (1+ (atoi nextnum))) (setq nextnum (1+ (* 100 (fix (getvar "cdate"))))) );;if );;progn (setq nextnum (1+ (* 100 (fix (getvar "cdate")))) numfile (open "dwgnum.dat" "w") );;setq );;if (close numfile) (while (not (findfile "dwgnum.dat"))) (if (/= (fix (/ nextnum 100))(fix (getvar "cdate"))) (setq nextnum (1+ (* 100 (fix (getvar "cdate"))))) );;if (setq numfile (open (findfile "dwgnum.dat") "a")) (write-line (itoa nextnum) numfile) (close numfile) (alert (strcat "Next available number is " (itoa nextnum))) (princ) ) ___
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Paul Turvill
I thought the question was pretty clear:
The way I read it, he wants to "generate [unique] numbers." Period. ___
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Paul Turvill
Wow Paul!
That was quick
Im very dumb abt LISP tho. How do i run this?
Do I run it from WITHIN Autocad itself? Or can it be run stand alone?
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Inside of AutoCAD. First, cut and paste the routine into a file called NUMGEN.LSP, and place that file in your acad path. With AutoCAD open, type either APPLOAD and follow the prompts, or simply (load "numgen"). This adds a NUMGEN command to your AutoCAD installation; just type NUMGEN to use it.
There's a great deal of information on using AutoLISP and Visual LISP in the Customization Guide section of HELP.
...and here's a somewhat different version that actually generates a unique number and renames the current drawing (if it doesn't already have a compliant 10-digit name); instructions as above, but call the file NAMEGEN.LSP, and call it with NAMEGEN:
(defun C:NAMEGEN (/ fname numfile nextnum num) (if (setq fname (findfile "dwgnum.dat")) (progn (setq numfile (open fname "r")) (while (setq num (read-line numfile)) (setq nextnum num) );;while (if nextnum (setq nextnum (1+ (atoi nextnum))) (setq nextnum (gen)) );;if );;progn (setq nextnum (gen) numfile (open "dwgnum.dat" "w") );;setq );;if (close numfile) (while (not (findfile "dwgnum.dat"))) (if (not (wcmatch (substr (getvar "dwgname") 1 10) "##########")) (nameit) (progn (initget "Yes No") (setq yn (getkword "Drawing already named; do you want to RENAME it [Y/N]? ")) (if (= yn "Yes") (nameit) );;if );;progn );;if (princ) );;defun (defun nameit () (if (/= (fix (/ nextnum 100))(fix (getvar "cdate"))) (setq nextnum (gen)) );;if ___
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Paul Turvill
Oops ... you'll need to include this subroutine in the NAMEGEN.LSP file as well:
(defun gen () (1+ (* 100 (fix (getvar "cdate")))) );;defun
...just add it to the end. ___
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Paul Turvill
Could've been bad judgement on my part, but I didn't sense any likelyhood of it, from the initial post. ;)
Definitely a point well taken, though.
Paul Turvill wrote:
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