Problem with script file executing single line, only

I hope someone can help.
I've written a script file that closes the current drawing, opens a new
drawing then executes an Autolisp routine. The Autolisp routine works
fine when run manually from inside a drawing.
However, when I run the script, the current drawing is closed, the new
drawing is opened, the Autolisp routine works fine, but then the script
stops. If I try to run the script again, it seems as if the first
character from the next line is prefixed to anything that I type.
---the script file---
quit y
close open "g:\il33022" (load "c:\\fastdump")
close open "g:\il33025" (load "c:\\fastdump")
close open "g:\il33032" (load "c:\\fastdump")
close open "g:\il33038" (load "c:\\fastdump")
close open "g:\il33041" (load "c:\\fastdump")
Has anyone seen this before or know of a fix?
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