Script file writing instruction

Can anyone direct me to a web site that might offer some instruction on
writing script files for AutoCad?
I have a fair working knowledge of AutoLisp, and now I
want to learn something about script file writing.
Specifically, I would like to load a series of dwgs in, and make a Wblock
out of each one, and then save them back
as a new name. Also I am planning on one that will load a series of dwgs in
and convert them to DXF files
Other stuff to.
Thanks for any info in advance.
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HiHo; A good program , and it's free, is CADieu found at
formatting link
creating a file list and/or slide/ slide librarys.
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scriptfiles contain the commands you give as "frozen text" written in a simple text editor.
To process more dwgs you must "batch" them where the commandline parameters depend on the Acad-version you should give us more information
a batch generator in german is available.
so wblocking can be done with an additional lisp-funktion in oder to save under different name
dxfout is simple as it can be done by batch and static script
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