problem with writing a script....

hi there....
i dont know if it is right place to ask or any better other place but
here is my problem...
i have a 2d height map of a land and i want to extract x,y,z from
the problem is with extracting z as it is 2d map and height is written
as text in almost middle of each polyline....
i thought maybe with help of script i can solve this problem....
for examply move in x and y and whenever you cross a polyline try
moving into it until it ends and probably there exist an text wich if
i convert the caption of it into number and then right x,y(first
ones)and z from this text...
any help?
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Roozbeh GHolizadeh
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Do you want to move existing polylines or draw new ones displaced vertically from the originals?
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Michael Bulatovich
moving it in z axis....but how much to move is can only obtained by a text value written almost on that polyline?
any way?
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Roozbeh GHolizadeh
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Michael Bulatovich

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