I am trying to write a scipt that automatically performs following
zoom extends
explode all (I do not want any blocks remaining in the drawing -
sometimes blocks are nested)
purge all (to make sure all unwanted items such as legacy block names
and linetypes are gone)
wblock (start a new wblock routine that then lets me pick entities to
form a block and save the block under a certain name while it remains
in the drawing - after that wblock the entire drawing with a different
I have come up with following script (that does not work, depending on
the state of the drawing on which it is applied to):
zoom e
explode ALL
I an trying to learn as I go along but after a full morning wasted I
would certainly appreciate some help.
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try this:
^C^Czoom e^Mexplode all^M^M-purge all^M^Mn^Mwblock^M
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Remo Shiva
Thanks for the help. Just what I needed to get started on macros.
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