Help needed! Export funktion solid works

I need to export Pictures from Solid works in any vector oriented Format
(e.g. EPS) for documentation.
Does anyone know how this works?
I need pictures with dimensioning, 2d and 3d pictures.
Also pictures from the user interface but I think these pics only will be in
thanks for help I hope...
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formatting link
for info. I use e-Print from
formatting link
to save files in many different formats Note that 3D graphics (parts, assemblies) won't be exported as real vectors, they will be saved as bitmaps whatever format you choose.
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Philippe Guglielmetti
Hi Alex,
You can make drawings of the parts and save the drawings as Autocad DWG or as DXF. These files are vector oriented and there are a lot of programs out there to convert these files.
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You can print EPS files directly from SolidWorks, if you 1) download and install "windows xp converter pack" (consult google for details) 2) install for example QMS-PS printer driver (any model, you don't have to have the actual printer) 3) Print to file using that printer 4) rename the printed file extension .prn to .eps
--> voilá, your SW is now capable for exporting EPS files.
Some other printer drivers may work as well.
Hope this helps!
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Heikki Leivo
Beg pardon, but . . . don't you think that 300 megabytes of disk space is a bit much to "pay" for that capability? Unless, of course, you think you'd like to have all those Converter Pack extras (which to me largely seem like I can easily do without). Just wondering if someone can identify a DLL in that Converter Pack that does the job without all the bogus bonus?
Heikki Leivo wrote:
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