S.A.A.B. Chiggy Von Richtofen; Painting Help Needed!!!

Hello Group (especially any SciFi Modelers out there)!!!

I just picked up this kit from a supplier and I was wondering if anyone out there has a good "CLEAR" color pictures and/or screen captures of the Chiggy Von Richtofen from Space Above and Beyond. The few I have found already are either small (and very blurry) or just closeups of the front of the fighter (with "abandom all hope" painted on the nose).

The reason I am asking is that the "Chiggy" has a slightly different color then the regular "Chig" fighter did. From what I have seen the regular fighter looked like it sported a really dark mettalic gray while the Chiggy Von Richtofen had a more dark/black red/brown/rust shading. Now my eyes might be playing tricks with me thats why I really new a second, third or forth opinion!!

Thanks for any help forthcoming!


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