Attaching PE zimmerit

How can I attach those big pieces of PE zimmerit on my Dragon Elefant so
they can be removed in case they are not aligned perfectly?
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Joe Drees
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How about a thin layer of rubber cement or Elmer's glue. Just a few drops so you can adjust it. Once it is in place, use the CA glue's capillary action to let it flow between the PE and the hull/turret.
Never tried it, just a suggestion. Rob Gronovius Visit my motor pool in the
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Rob Gronovius
You might mix up a tiny quantity of five-minute Epoxy and apply it to the center of the panel, which should give you plenty of time to adjust it. Seal the edges with thin formula super glue (most brands of super glue will cure instantly on contact with urethane resin). GPO
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