Scrips and more (AutoCad LT)

Who knows scrips and macros for Acad LT? Where we can find then? How we can do that?

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Mostly you just write them to suite your particualar needs.

Scripts are nothing more that plain TEXT type files (ie: use the default MS Notepad to create them). The extension 'must' be SCR (ie: myscript.Scr).

Then all you do is the enter your AutoCAD command lines and info, line by line.

An example would be to draw a Pline rectangle thus:


0,0 10,15

Remember that sometimes you'll need to add in 'blank' lines (ie: return key) to get out of some commands.

Then in AutoCAD (I can't remember which pull down menu) you can call up the Script files (or type in SCRIPT on the command line)... choose your SCR file and run it.

BUT, if you really want to fly, get (buy) a 3rd party Lisp Enabler to allow yourselves to be able to use LISP files (much more powerful). We used DRCAUTO at work (several years now) and it is great.



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