I can't possibly be the only living person to have experienced this one

Using A2k, heavily use xrefs, sometimes with associative hatching.
Associative hatches cause some strange behavior. In some drawings,
I open them and get that annoying little message:
"Do you really want to do this? "
And this happens before any action is performed in the drawing
whatsoever. If I say no (and the drawing happens to be large),
it does its thing which sometimes take forever, updating (I think)
the associative hatches. Plus It asks me the same thing for every
blessed hatch in the drawing. Sometimes I just have to ctl-alt-del
AutoCAD to end the process. It would sit for hours if I let it.
It will do this in the same drawing every time I open it unless
I go into the base drawing (s) and disassociate all the hatches.
Sometimes the behavior will change depending on the view. In
other words, If I zoom to a different location, save the drawing
and go back in, the behavior will sometimes not repeat.
Whats worse is that, if I answer "yes", It will occasionaly go through the
and copy all the nested xref'd entities involved to layer "0" and place them
in the
drawing. You can imagine how much fun that is to fix. These types of issues
associative hatches nearly completely useless to me. Does this behavior
occur in later versions? I have 2004/2005, but have not really upgraded to
either yet.
Perhaps its about time eh, but I'm leary of what new weird little buggy
things await me
in those vers.
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Oh well, perhaps I was wrong, it seems I am the only one. Sigh
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Don't assoc Hatch to an xref it means that all xrefed entities must be recheck against the Hatch each time an xref is loaded (or drawing opened. while it might be nice to have your ceiling realign itself when someone changes the walls in the source drawing this behavior causes everything to be reanalized every time use bpoly to create a polyline border for your hatch and associate to that exclusively so when the walls change just fix the poly line to fix the hatch
plenty of changes bugs in the new releases but the improvements outweigh the problems
read the what's new and decide
2006 allows you to reassociate a hatch so I assume you can disassociate it also (I don't think that will solve your problem though) use bpoly or put the hatches in the backgrounds
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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try avoiding the "pick point" feature in favor of drawing a polyline. Sometimes my areas are somewhat complex however, I suppose I could have AutoCAD use the "boundary" command first to define the area I wish to hatch. It also however means adding a new (no-plot) definition layer (I dislike defpoints, it has its own annoying peculiarities).
Hmmm. Definately worth a shot
Its odd though how it doesn't actually happen "every time", and does happen even when nothing has been changed in the source drawing.
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