exporting x,y,z coordinates to a total station

My first post and its a cry for help!! Im looking to export the x,y,z
coordinates to a total station and so far im only able to identify one point
at a time. Is there a way to select multiple points and save as a file or
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I routinely have to load points from an acad dwg into Terramodel to prepare files for automatic grading and layout using - usually - gps, but I have done data prep for total stations as well.
Just about all survey sw works with ascii point files as well as any native format of file from the mfg., so I'd bet that yours does also.
Almost every time I've prepared data from an acad dwg I've had to follow a slightly different procedure.
The last time I used the "attribute extraction" tool in acad to bnuild the required files - it seems to be the most flexible and complete way to do this. It also exposes the bad procedures followed by the draftsman better than any other way, such as "existing" points drawn on the "proposed" layers, etc etc etc etc etc.
Have a look at this in acad, then select the layers you want the point data extracted from, then make up your file as containing the following in this order:
point number,northing, easting, elevation,description
have the attrib extractor number the points sequentially for you, and don't worry too much if you end up with some duplicates - most sw reading these files later will just renumber them in sequence anyway.
It will be important to spend a little time getting the descriptions right - a lot of time can be wasted later trying to tell what point is what - the descriptions will help a lot with this.
Also, many of the programs reading the ascii point files will not work right if you do not have an extra blank line at the end to indicate end of file.
Whenever any program asks for file format, or file type, use ".TXT" if you can - then you can edit the output with NOTEPAD if you have to alter anything before inputting it to the total station.
Alternatively, you could call it a ".CSV" file, and edit it with XL (comma separated value file).
Post again if you can't get to first base with this stuff.
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