Exporting table of Cartesian coordinates

Hello folks,
me again. I've drawn a bunch of parts that need to be made on a CNC
machine. In terms of angles and fillet radii the parts are very easy to
anntotate, but the CNC guy needs to have the start and end points of every
line and arc segment in cartesian coordinates. Annotating this part with
ordinate dimensions, as I ususally do for manually machined parts, is a
complete nightmare for this part -- it's almost impossible to do, and when
finished, it's almost impossible to read. So I thought what would be neat
is a way to export this data in a kind of table. Any ideas?
Actually, I think it's stupid anyway to manually transfer -- of all
things! -- numbers from one computer to another one, but the CNC guys says
he can't import files into his machine. I know very little abour CNC, but
that's his realm and I'll have to believe what he says.
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Daniel Haude
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Hi Daniel, I would need to see one part as an example.
...anyway if you provide your CNC person with a drawing and the annotations, why can't they use that for programming the machine to produce the part?
:-) you sure he's not trying to get you to do his work for him?
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