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Hi all:

Using SW2006 SP5 under WXP. When editing an existing assembly drawing with an Excel BOM inserted, sometimes I get the following strange behavior. I double-click (or right-click and choose edit) the BOM to edit it, and the Excel window that pops up is so large that it doesn't fit on the screen. There is no way that I can find to scroll, zoom, or otherwise see more than the first couple of rows and columns in the table. I've tried restarting SolidWorks, and restarting Windows, but this made no difference. The problem only happens occasionally, but is persistant with a given drawing. Once it happens, it always happens. The only solution I have found is to delete the BOM and re- insert it. However, this also deletes the other information that I have added manually. Is there another way to go about this? Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, John.

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The best thing to do is choose the option to edit in its own window. You then have all the functionality of Excel to use. If you still want to use the edit mode inside SW, then when you leave the edit mode in the Excel window this time, then make it smaller and it will fit inside SW. Play with it a bit back and forth and you will see what I am talking about.


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Wayne Tiffany

Hi John,

While I don't use an Excel BOM, I do have an embedded WKS in my development drawing for the calcs used to validate flat patterns. If I copy the WKS for secondary profile proofing, it blows up as you describe. What I am forced to do is right click, select properties and then set the scale to .5. This sets the WKS to something I can fit on the page, but I still have to open it and tweak a column width before it scales properly.

H> Hi all:

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