Is there a way to break the table based BOM like you can do with the Excel based BOM?

I am talking about a BOM that is longer than the sheet is tall so that it runs off the sheet.

We seem to have a problem in 2005 with the Excel based BOMs. We can creat the drawing and views of an assembly but the placement of an Excel based BOM causes major instability problems. After an Excel Based BOM is placed you can no longer open the drawing and you have to recreate it.


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Tom Carlson
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It sounds like something is going on with either Excel or SW installation. I dunno.

The table BOM can be split like the other tables. It's in the context menu of the BOM. Right-click on the BOM, and you should find something like "split below". I can't remember exactly or check right now.

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Dale Dunn

Yes, put your cursor on the left most end of the row where you want to split the table. It should look like a "U" laying on its side with an arrow pointing to the row. Then RMB and in the context menu, you'll have an option to "Split". From that option you'll have "Horizontally Above", Horizontally Below" and "Vertically Right".

Hope this helps,


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Richard Charney

Thanks for the replies.

We figured it out. Easy really and we like the table based BOMS.

Is SW trying to get away from using Excel?

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Tom Carlson

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