Greetings from a student.

Hello All,
In the first semester for an A.O.S. Degree in Architecture.
Frankly, I've been a woodworker in a Union Millhouse (or should I say
Millhouses) for about 20 years. The Hands on stuff is great except
I just had Carpel tunnel surgery in one hand and need it in the other
as well.
This is from all the Wood clamps, Routers, Palm sanders, etc, etc.
A couple of years back I had the opportunity to Hand Draft on the
boards doing
Millwork Details, shop drawings and such. But the place went under
and couldn't find a job Board Drafting for as much money as I could
going back into a shop to Fabricate. At that time I think version R13
was new and it was all foriegn to me. So 7 years later I'm Finally
going to do it right and get a degree. I hope to find a job maybe in
Manhatten I live On the Island.
I had a Basic Cad course a year ago but didn't really devote enough
time to it for it to get through my Thick Irish skull.
If I learn to Draw with cad the things I was drawing by hand
There'll be no stopping me People will flock from all over just to
gaze in awe of my Talent.....ohh...sorry...Getting my irish up :-)~
well anyway,
Hope I meet some nice folks in here,
Health n Laughter,
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Just a thought.... won't working on a computer 8+ hrs/day aggravate your carpel tunnel? I know my wife has mild c.t. and she can't work at the computer for more than about an hour without taking a break to rest her wrists/hands. Thinking that using the mouse was the big problem we got her a trackball but that wasn't any better (though maybe there's something better out there).
Anyway, just wanted to make sure you've considered this. Welcome to the group!!!
Michael (LS)
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Michael (LS)
Just a few thoughts.
I don't have C.T., but I do have recurring tendonitis from over use. What I've found that helps the most is using a really good keyboard. At this point I use an IBM Model M "click" keyboard, part number 52G9658. Old, and it doesn't have the Windows specific keys, but I can use it for 12 hours or more without problems. With most other keyboards I start hurting within 30 minutes. I get keyboards on ebay, but if you want to try the IBM be careful -- there are a lot of IBM keyboards that look alike and have similar descriptions, but they don't feel the same when you use them.
Finding the best mouse is a similar process. The required hand position is different for different mouses, and that seems to make a big difference. I'm using a Logitech MX700 at the moment. Not perfect, but it doesn't cause any stress problems. Using wireless has helped a lot -- dragging the mouse cord around for several hours was far more stressful (for the tendonitis) than the wireless. I wish I could find a mouse with better button positions. I like the low-mounted thumb button loke on the old MouseMan a lot better that the high mount ones, and the double thumb button is a waste because it requires a hand position shift to use the front button. I'd rather have just real middle button than a wheel, but that's almost impossible to find now. The wheel has a button function, but the pressure to click is significantly higher than the left and right buttons (not good from a repetative stress viewpoint), and it's hard to click without moving the wheel.
Anyway, I recommend trying a variety of input devices and finding what works best for you. Having the right keyboard and mouse can make a big difference.
Michael (LS) wrote:
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Martin Shoemaker
Buying a mousepad with a raised gel pad for the bottom of my wrist has eliminated the small problem I was getting .....
Going into private practice also meant that I was spending fewer hours drafting. (ironically?)
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Michael Bulatovich
What's A.O.S.? Does the degree lead to "professional" standing in NY?
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Michael Bulatovich
As mentioned by the other responses, CT is a potential issue for you. After 13 years or so doing this, I'm noticing some troubles in my forearms and hands. The way I sit and hold the mouse/use the keyboard play a big part, of course, but like Michael said, I hope you've considered this issue.
Welcome to the group. There are some real knowledgeable folks in here, covering most uses of Acad. If you can't find the answer (or a direction to look for it), you probably won't find it. Best of luck to you in your 'new' career. ;)
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Associates in Occupational Studies, It is a degree in Architecture and accredited by NYS albeit the entry level degree but transferable credits I think to a university would only be 30 credits toward a BArch. I did however find that Dowling College, which is a Teaching College here on the Island, Would accept the full 60 credits Toward a Masters in Education. I probably won't go any further at this point in my life solely for the reason that I don't want to be Heavily in student loans in my mid 50s. I think I have MUCH to offer any serious Millhouse in NY and will do fine Financially with it. as for the Carpel Tunnel... Yea this is a serious consideration... The Track ball is working out real well and I expect in the trade there'll be less and less Hand drawing which is what really starts to stress the hand(Lettering). I was Happy to see Responses to my post. I have Much to learn in this field especially Autocad but we aren't even going to touch on that until about September 04. I have access to Acad 2k at a friends place and have it at work on one of the CNC machines I have a folder at that computer that has a few of my Practice Drawings on it. My main stumbling block as I try to teach myself is the scale, well maybe not the scale so much as "Paper Space" & "Model space" Viewports I mean Setting up a drawing to be full scale I know set limits for more than you need and just draw all your items in actual size but how is this plotted out to be in scale say....3"=1'-0", or 1/2"=1'-0"? Any help would be appreciated... I'ld love to have a jump on some of this.
Happy New Year!!!! Health n Laughter!
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Heh Not as much as big ol nasty Belt sanders, Nail guns Screwguns and Machine clamps will LOL!! See I had CT Real Bad.. Not Bragging or macho crap I mean I couldn't feel My hand anymore. Its MUCH better since the surgery..Just not fully healed inside yet though getting better and stronger. I know my wife has mild c.t. and she can't work at the
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Hi Brendan
OK welcome into the Snake Pit that is AutoCAD.......
Check out my web site, look at the AutoCAD Links Page, you will find an article by Mark Middlebrook all about scale and he has others on the Cadalyst web site about paper(later called layout space) and model space.
Also look at my FAQ Page there are links there on the subject as well.
Best Regards & Happy New Year
Alan (Cadalot)
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The scaling issue is rather easy once you see it. Rather than try to explain, I will second the recommendation that you go to the Cadalot site. It is well worth seeing and there is lot's of information there and the links he provides.
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Try Lynn Allen's Cadence site (and others) to help you get up to speed with paperspace/modelspace and dimensioning your models.
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Happy Holidays
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Brian Spillane
Thankyou Brian!
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The More I read ... The more Questions I come up with LOL!!!
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