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Hello all,
What might be some of your thoughts, those of you who have been in
business for yourselves, about freelancing, Architectural
Detailing(Mainly in the Millwork side of the trades) does this go on
often? Can one feasably have a design firm without an "Architect's
Degree"? or Sub-contracting Business that
services Millhouses Drafting needs? I would think with an Associates
and trade experience that this is what I would Ideally strive toward..
Would this be considered a tech consulting type thing?
Or..... Am I confused about the market out there and looking thru
Rose colored glasses?
Just some thoughts..
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Everyone I know who can do this sort of thing is either working for somebody like an architect, interior designer, or furniture manufacturer
IS an architect, interior designer, or furniture manufacturer.
BTW, design and drafting are to different, if allied, things.
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Michael Bulatovich
Architects (in the US at least) generally detail their own milllwork, and then review shop drawings of the same when submitted by the contractor. You wouldn't likely be hired by an architect just on the basis of being able to detail millwork, although you could on the other side.
However, there are some fantastic design-centered millwork producers that do trade show displays and museum quality casework. If you're good at design and detailing, and don't have an architectural degree, I'd suggest exploring that end of the business as it is specialized in the area you're interested in and won't require degrees.
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Steve Hall
"Michael Bulatovich" wrote in news:GOYQb.400$
sometime I get manufacturer's cad files for detailing. they are usually not worth the effort to download.
I have several hundred from on millwork site and I use maybe 3 or 4 of them. it was more work to sort through than it would have been to draw myself. but I do have elements in my drawing that I can swear are actually available, not just some pipe dream.
I think the need is there. you need to find a millwork company that can be made to understand that accurate cad files are a good selling tool for them, and then if you create files enough people would actually use.....
for example, I have drawing file cd's from 3 different window manufacturers, and none of them of any use because a great many of them were drawn too poorly to work right. things like corners not coming together. wacky layer systems and a total lack of consistency.
find some company willing to spend the $ to do it right and that would be something new. and useful.
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Roy Knapp
Oh Do I know that......LOL This might very well be the understatement of the age. Thanks Michael I spent my whole woodworking Career Looking at Blueprints....Some are Design nightmares Some are so clever They need to be complimented....The mechanics of "Drafting" I think could probably be taught To anyone ...The design, Considering the Fabrication is a whole other Concept Agreed Whole heartedly!
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I don't know what you mean, but it sounds good. I'm in
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Hello Brendan,
In (Brendan) wrote to all:
imho successful freelancing requires the ability to take risks and the ability to deal with customers even more than technical skills.
freelancing programmer since 15 years
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Herbert Koenig

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