Still Need Help Manipulating Display/ Viewport

i'm sorry to be overly persistent but with the Google Groups software
the only way to "bump" a thread is to re-post it.
someone noted that you can highlight a vertex and the viewport should
rotate around that, but it's not. below i have posted the original
I'm using Solidworks 2005.
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i am writing to ask for help in controlling the viewport/
i have a complex assembly. when i go to rotate the
viewport, it rotates about i'm not sure which point,
but it rotates the assembly of interest, out of the viewport.
so i have to zoom all (zoom extents, i think it's called
in Autocad), rotate the part, zoom back in ... it takes
a lot more time to do it that way.
in 3D Max, there's a mode where the viewport center
is rotated about Selected Parts. that is, the viewport/ display is
rotated about the approximate center of whichever parts are in the
selection set when you go to manipulate the viewport.
how do you get the viewport to rotate about selected
parts in Solidworks 2005 ?
TIA for any assistance !
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i always rotate the viewport using by holding down the middle mouse button (scroll wheel button) and moving the mouse (or trackball in my case). anyway, when you do that, whatever the cursor is on when you press the middle mouse button is what the view will rotate around. When you select with the middle mouse button, the face/edge/vertex will be outlined in magenta. Once you start to rotate, the cursor will change to a line with two arrows rotating around it, to indicate that you're rotating about something. For non point objects such as edges and faces, a small magenta crosshair will appear at the point you click to show where you are rotating about. I don't know if there is anyway you can just select a component in the feature tree and rotate about that. Also, spaceballs change the rotation behaviour slightly too, which is something to be aware of if you use one. All of this is in SW2007, but i'm pretty sure most of what i said has been that way for a while now. details like highlight colors may vary, but hopefully this helps anyway
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Here is the scoop. This functionality has been around for ages. Here is how it works.
1. Pick the rotate tool from the toolbar. 2. Hover over a vertex. 3. Left click the highlighted vertex.
You will now be rotating about that vertex during the life of the rotate command.
Similar action can be had by selecting an edge only the edge will act like an axle.
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thanks for the replies.
highlighting the part works in the part editing mode. i deleted an un-used sketch, and that changed the viewport rotate centroid to the solid/ body itself, which is good. Partial Success !
But ==> when i'm in assembly editing mode, the viewport still rotates around some point about 2 assembly lengths from the assembly.
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