Assembly Section with Configurations problem

When I create a Section view in an Assembly model with configurations and switch the configuration the Section goes away. In the past (pre- SW2005??) I was able to switch the configurations and have the Section stay so that I could see the changes but that changed when they added the 'Display States' to the configurations.

Is there an Option setting to change this behavior??

BTW: I've tried creating a 'Display State' with the Section and then selecting it after I've switched the Configuration, which works, but that still requires 3+ clicks which makes it difficult to 'see' the changes.

Thanks, Bob Miller,

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I agree. I'd like the section to stay active when I switch configs like that too..

My workaround (which takes a little setting up) is to create an assembly cut-feature using a simple assembly sketch line, extending past and cutting thru all components.

I will suppress and leave this feature in the assembly and name it "section ___". So if I have to come back to the assembly at a later date, I don't have to set it back up...

One advantage this method has over using the section tool is that you can leave components out of the section cut-feature if you want to. This actually comes in handy from time to time.

Hope this helps.


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