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I have a top level assembly with a sub assembly that has 2 configurations. The sub assembly configurations are parts hidden or shown. In the main assembly when I change configuration in the top level, parts turn on or off differently than in the sub assembly. How do I have them follow the sub assembly?

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(I think we're back on third base here.) I'm going to just have to describe the proper way to set this up as I can't follow your flow.

  1. Create a top level assy called TOP.
  2. Create 2 configs - TOPA & TOPB.
  3. Create a subassy called SUB.
  4. Create 2 configs in it called SUBA & SUBB.
  5. In SUBA, have the first part(#1) unsuppressed and the second(#2) part suppressed.
  6. In SUBB, reverse them.
  7. In TopA, set your sub config to SUBA.
  8. In TOPB, set your sub config to SUBB.

Now when you go back and forth between TOPA & TOPB, you will see #1 & #2 go on & off.

Obviously you would not normally have an assy with only a sub in it, but that's the picture here just for simplicity. If this helps - great. If I missed your point, please come back and let's try again. :-)


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Wayne Tiffany

It sounds to me like the visibility has been changed from the top level assembly. In the top level assembly, right-click on the components in the subassembly and look at the properties. Look for a setting having to do with visibility being determined by the subassembly. I can't remember the precise wording right now.

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