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I've been having problems with an assembly that has two configurations, and both of these suppress parts which both have relations back to a common part. (Brackets attached to a Gear Plate).

After thinking about it I can see why there is a problem ie. the relation has lost the parent feature, but it doesn't always break -- some of the holes in the Gear plate are there, others are not due to broken sketch relations.

Is there a proper solution to this, and does any know why it might work sometimes. Breaking the relations makes it work all the time, but of course then I cannot move the brackets and get the matching holes in the gear plate to move.


-- Regards, Gavin Melville

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Gavin Melville
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You might want to create an assembly layout sketch and constrain the features to the layout sketch.

Thus, a layout sketch may locate the holes for both parts. Move the sketch position and the features in either part follow.

Supress features in one part won't effect the location of the part in the other as it is constrained to the layout sketch (which is never suppressed - just hidden).

Example: Create an assembly. On the top plane create a new sketch consisting of a single circle. Dimensioin the sketch to say 1.0 inch. Name the sketch layout. Insert a new part on the top plane of the assembly. The base sketch can be constrained to layout sketch and then extruded. Create another part using the top face of the first cylinder. Draw another sketch circle and constrain it to the layout sketch circle. Extrude. Goto the layout sketch and change from 1.0 in to 5.0 inch. Both parts will "grow" at the same time. Add a bolt hole circle in the layout sketch and add some sketch points at each quadrant. Map features on both parts (csink on top, tapped hole on bottom) to this new layout sketch. Change bolt hole circle and sketch point locations on the layout sketch and watch them move on the two parts.


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