Mouse 'back' button as middle button in PRO/e Wildfire

Hi all

I would be very glad if i could use the thomb 'back' button on my mouse for both 'middle' button in PRO/e and as 'back' button in Internet explorer. I really hate to use the wheel button in PRO/e, but ican not live without my 'back' button, when i browse the web.

Can somebody tell me how to configure PRO/e wildfire to use the 'back' button on my mouse as middle button instead of the wheel button?

I know it is possible, if i change the function for the 'back' button to 'middle' buttom in the mouse driver. But if i do this, the 'back button do not work in Internet explorer.

OS: Windows XP Pro. Mouse: Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer CAD: Pro/engineer wildfire

Sorry for my poor english...

Thanks in advance kh

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This is very simple to do. If you are using an Intellimouse, I expect that you have the Intellipoint software installed. This came with the mouse, or you can download it from Microsoft.

In the Intellipoint software under the Buttons tab there is a check-box for 'Enable Program Specific settings'. Check it off and then select the 'Settings' button. Under 'Programs', select 'Add' and browse to your installation folder for ProE, then into i486nt\obj and pick the file 'xtop.exe' (this is the ProE executable). Define the buttons as you want them to work and click Apply. Now ProE will use those settings and all other applications will use the default settings.

Regards Peter Brown

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Thank you very much. In the first place i could not find this option in the Intellipoint 5.0 driver, but a little google search helped me to find out that this option only exists in the 4.x Intellipoint drivers.

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