Can't find a 3 button mouse

Try here. I've gotten acceptable, non-scroll, three-button mice from Belkin before. About six months ago, I was designing a simple, optical, cordless, non-scroll-wheel three button mouse but got side tracked. Maybe there'd actually be some interest in such a thing for Pro/e, at least.

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David Janes
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You know, it's the little things in life which just kill me....

The left mouse button on my trusty HP 3 button mouse quit on me today. It was a good mouse, it was a loyal mouse, I liked my mouse. But alas, 4.5 billion clicks later, she called it quits and I had to run out and get a new one. No big deal I though, I got my money's worth out of that one, I'll just run over to staples and get me a new one.

Traffic's thick, but I make my way there. Run through all the isles and look at all the pretty mice, but I notice one problem. Not a single mouse without a scroll wheel. I'm not crazy running Pro/E with a scroll button. Since I"m always jumping from left to middle to right and back to left, a scroll button feels, well, awkward. So I ask Dwayne the sales guy, "Hey Dwayne, got any mice without a scroll wheel?" Dwayne replies, "Nope, they're much better with the scroll wheel". He left out more expensive too. The cheapest 3 button scroll mouse is 20 bucks!! For a mouse?! OK, maybe I haven't bought a mouse in 8 years, but 20 bucks and I can't even get one without a scroll button?! Long story short, 7 stores and 5 hours later I find a mouse. 3 buttons, no scroll, 8 bucks. Perfect. Load it up, works perfect......except for when I switch computers with my nifty little switch box. It freezes up. No big deal I think, just download the drivers. Well, after 2 hours I say screw it, I'll go return it. Run down there, CLOSED!

So here I am 7 hours later and one more store when Logitech finally beats it into me and I buy a 3 button mouse with scroll for $21.25. Very nice looking mouse. Sleek and silver, it's got that red optic, rubber grips and stuff, slides as smooth as silk across that mouse pad. If I was a chick and it was a vibrator, I bet I would love it. Guess what.....HATE IT!! After all that, I friggin hate it. Do you know how much in gas alone that damn mouse cost me? I'm already down 1 heart attack and I don't need another over a god damn mouse!! I'm sure after a good seven hour haul on Pro/E my pointer finger/nose declogger is going to be sore as all hell.

Can anyone suggest where I can get a nice 3 button mouse without a scroll?! I don't care how much it costs.



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just my 2 cents... go for a Logitech Trackman Marble Fx at ebay. Got me a couple of these stockpiled :-), like the cordless most.

No scroll wheel (some M$ "Invention", wasn´t it?), no RSI pain! Once you´re accustomed to it you won´t want to let go any more.


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Walther Mathieu

You dont seem to be an easy man to please Eric, I have been supporting

50 pro/e users over a few years now and i have never met anyone who have so mutch fuss over a mouse :-) I suggest you use an online PC dealer next time, it will save you a lot of money on gas at least.


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Nice and cheap 3 button mouse.

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Jason L

SGI has always made good mice, usually just rebranded Logitech, but somehow nicer none the less.


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Might consider getting a matching keyboard too, nothing in PC land seems to compare to the quality and feel of their keyboards ...

I'd agree with your frustration if you're using Pro/E 2001 or earlier, but doesn't WF use the scroll wheel to good effect just like SolidWorks?

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There are very good Logitech, Microsoft and Genius 3-button mice

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