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I'm designing a template for "date disks" for watches with numbers from 1 to 31 or "Mon" to "Sun" arranged in a circle. The texts are centered on sketch segments which are offset from radii so that the radii go through the middle of the texts. My first question is : how can I quickly change the font of the 31 texts ? I could change the document's font, but it is tedious. I found no way to select all 31 texts on the same sketch at once. Did I miss something ? My second question is : how can I link the baseline offsets to the font size, so that changing the font will automatically reposition the texts centered on the radii ? I don't want to "dissolve" text because font must be changeable... My answers to both is "API", but I'd make sure there is no simpler way before coding... If there is none, I'd fill one more enhancement request... Philippe Guglielmetti -

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Philippe Guglielmetti
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Fortunately for you, you're a wiz coder. I think you're going to be stuck creating a macro to change all the fonts. I can't think of another way.

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Dale Dunn

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