Centering Scopes?

Over the years, a couple of people have mentioned being very fond of
their centering scopes. I've been thinking of getting one to use on my
mill. They seem to come in a range of powers, from 15X to 45X. There is
also the issue of Cheaper Chinese vs more expensive US or European units.
Never having used one, I have no idea what sort of alignment or focussing
issues there might be with different designs/brands. The one thing I
would like is something fairly short so I don't have to crank the table
up & down a lot swapping it in & out.
So, I'm opening the floor for discussion. Ideas, suggestions,
comments, etc.?
Doug White
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Doug White
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I've been satisfied with my Chinese 45X from Enco:
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Don Foreman
Ditto. Or maybe a little more satisfied, since I got mine on sale. Mine was made in Korea, BTW, Skoal brand.
It's short, maybe 3" from the top of the 3/8" stub to the bottom of the lens. Alignment and focussing are easy, though focussing is tight enough that you have to use the fine downfeed. Lens to work surface distance (focal length?) is appx 1".
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Tove Momerathsson
Article in Model Engineer last year to make one from 1/2 inch plexi (acrylic). Works great. /mark
Tove Momerathss> D>
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I believe that's for an optical centering *punch*, which is an entirely different animal.
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I have one, just used it 5 min agao, remember seeing this post and thought I would add my 2 cents....I love it and just like having a cell phone, if I lost it I would feel uncomfortable until I replaced far as I am concerned, it is a "must have" tool. I got my HECO on ebay for something like $75, new-like shape.
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Just got a Heco and like it very much. Be forewarned though that you may have access issues with it depending on your mill. You have to be able to rotate it 180 degrees and get your eye up to it in both positions in order to align it. Some online discussions mention mills where this is difficult or impossible. Other than that, it was dead easy to align and looks like it will be very accurate.
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Mine's a Japanese-made Moor Precision 50x with a 0.001" graticle, I find it *very* useful, considering it was rescued from the dumpster at work (everything has gone Metric...) The body length is about 4.5" from rear of the clamp-on--an-inch-and-eighth socket plus about 1" clear space (the focal length) under it, so you'd be looking at 5.5" from spindle face! It brings the eyepiece out about 6" from centre and 4.5" above the work surface, so it's not too awkward in use.
Dave H (the engineer formerly known as Homeless, who has lost his login details and can't remember which email he had then...)
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