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Is it possible to insert a non-square-shaped image in autocad? I mean, I
don't want the white background beside the image filling the square...but I
don't know if this is possible in Autocad.
Please, help me!
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Not sure what you mean, but would IMAGECLIP help?
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Do you mean non-*rectangular*? If so, the answer is 'no' ... however, you can use may be able to use transparency settings or clipping to solve your problem. ___
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Paul Turvill
aha...ok...that was what I thought.....thanx anyway!
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set IMAGEFRAME to OFF and you won't have any border at all! then you = can draw a round border or irregular shape if you wish. If you set TRANSPARENCY to ON then you can draw over the image and it = won't get hidden behind the image.
square...but I
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G. Willis
Don't forget the IMAGECLIP command....
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Michael Bulatovich

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