Autocad 2009 tutorials

I haven't used ACAD for years. My job requires I learn ACAD 2009, but the interface seems totally different from when I used the 2004 version.

So can anyone point me to lesson or tutorial site that teaches the basics of

2009 i.e. page steup, change units, dimension sizes etc..
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If you want to get going quickly...... Hit the big red A top left of screen - this gives you access to the old style Acad pull down menus. From the A menu select Tools - Workspaces and pick AutoCAD classic. This will give you a toolbar layout similar to Acad 2004. Between the Toolbars and Pull Downs you should be able to get productive more quickly and get access to the commands you are struggling to find.



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Go to cadalyst dot com and look for the lynn allen tutorials.

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