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Here is something that I've been using for several years now, and thought that
some of you might benifit to this as well. Please read through as I think
you'll find this of some worth while benefit (regardless of what you do).
I do electrical design (not that it means much)... but by doing so, I have a
lot of symbols that I use. And I have several symbol group or PopUps (ie
Lighting, Power, Communications, Fire Alarm, etc.).
Each Group has it's own Pop up menu which I select a Symbol from. Each Pop up
is located under a Main Pull Down menu called 'Electrical'.
Now what I have is that by holding down the CTRL key and then clicking my
mouse Right Click, I bring Up my main Electrical menu as a Pop Up. I then can
select a Group PopUp context menu from it.
Now while brining up the Electrical pulldown menu as a Pop Up by
CTRL+RightClick is slick enough... I then can then bring up the previously
selected Group Pop up menu by entering the keyboard command ---> 'AA' (I only
us AA simply because it is easily entered).
And regardless of which Pop up menu I have previously selected, the AA command
brings that Pop Up back without having to go through all the Selection crap
again. Thus I save myself a LOT of time.
So how?
First of all, using my situation, I have disabled the default AutoCAD context
menu by changing the Setvar SHORTCUTMENU to Zero (0).
Then in my AutoCAD MNU file, I've change the AUX3 menu stuff to as follows:
// Control + button
/// $P0=SNAP $p0=*
/// Pre-Select the Electrical Symbols Main Menu
$P0=eSymbs $p0=*
... just for those of you who aren't too familiar with modifying the MNU file,
'eSymbs' is the 'name' of my Main Electrical Pull Down menu which is located
in the MNU file:
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Good stuff, Bruce. Thanks for posting.
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