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Ok, after some of the suggestions given here I finally got brave and loaded in Rocksim and fumbled my way through to do the designs I'd originally built in SpaceCAD. Things went along well enough until I let it calculate optimal mass. It gave me optimal for the sustainer alone on a 2 stage rocket. Either I've missed something or the beastie doesn't like multistaging. No, I can't look in any manual and such that came with it, that's a half state away with the original copy (last year's TARC team burnt me a copy after all the motors and stuff I donated freely to them, not to mention driving that far multiple times to RSO/LCO their launches). So to save time, have I missed something obvious? And how the heck do you get the graphics (and .rkt file) for what ya built out of the damn thing to show others?!

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It's quite common, especially for minimum diameter rockets to be under optimum mass. A payload is the obvious solution.

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