I've not been sat here being rude you know...

No, not been ignoring the good folks on RMS at all, but I switched accounts
on my Usenet provider and it was the devil's own job to get them to give me
posting access. Been following the group Read Only for about three months,
which isn't really the same but at least it was something. Been busy too. At
least, what counts around here as busy. Five completions this year. Well,
four and a half because I'm including the Airfix Lightning that was part
done last year. Aiming for seven by Christmas, number six is the CA Hornet
F3 which is 70% done, but number seven is going to be the Airfix 1/48 Banana
Bomber (apparently also known as a "Buccaneer". Funny name for an aircraft
that). Call it seven and a half then. Anybody have good line on cheap
filler? Posted some updates on the binaries group, so do have a look and
take the piss as necessary!
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Anybody have good line on cheap
I still use automotive glazing or spot putty. But, it is only available in very large tubes these days, so I find it is going bad before I finish the tube. Still, I get enough from the tube that I find it less expensive than hobby shop filler. 'Course, I have been building a number of putty queens lately :-( Working on the Testors Graf Zeppelin. That is taking a ton (well, that is an exaggeration, of course- more like a pound) of putty.
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Don Stauffer

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