Some basic help with spline paths

I am triing to work with a spline path, I think this is the right
direction but may not be, to create a bent wire spring drawing. Here is
what im trying to do I have a spring wire that goes out straight for 1
inch then bends back at 30 degrees and comes back over its self. Looks
like the edge of a 30 degree draftsmans angle but instead of the sharp
point it is curved down at the point of the angle. The wire is 0.020
inches in diameter. I drew the initial path I wanted as a set of lines
that are connected. How do I get the circle that is the wire diameter
to follow this during an extrude? Thank you for the help with this.
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Cliff Schuring
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Use a Sweep feature. Put the circle on a plane perpendicular to the end of the spline.
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FYI on creating the plane, select the spline and one end point of the spline. Then goto reference geometry and select planes.
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